The Cable Guy Ain't No Joke!

When I went to see Cable Guy, I expected it to be just like the trailers.. I thought it was going to be the ultimate comedy. Jim Carey the 20 million dollar man appeared to be on point..and really I thought I was going to see a stunning performance like I did in Batman.
Well the way this whole thing unfolded was a trip. Yes Carey was funny.. I'm not quite sure I would've given him 20 million bucks...but the movie got really dark... it became ominous.

The fun loving 'Cable Guy' who can't find a friend wound up being a physcho. And I mention this because, if you aren't prepared for this turn of events, you may leave feeling cheated. It was like the old bait and switch.. They show these funny, hilarious promos for the movies and then you get there with your five year old who also loves Jim Carey and then you find yourself saying to yourself..oh my god.. I can't believe this happening... To be honest with is this darkside of the movie that moves the story along and keeps it interesting..Carey antics are no longer funny, but a bit frightening and reprehensible.. I mean he does everything from try and steal his friend's girl, to black mail to kidnappin'.. Jim Carey got deep on a brother.

Overall I thought the story line of a lonely cable guy who attaches himself to an unwitting victim was a good one.. Carey is definitely funny...But don't bring your kids...and brace yourself as you leave the land of happiness and zaniness to the dark sullen world of the macabe.

Davey D

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