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FLesh N Bone Arrested

July 6 1997

Looks like Bones Thugs N Harmony are gonna have their much anticipated double album delayed even longer... Over the weekend group member Flesh N Bone [Stanley House] was arrested in Los Angeles.. for possession of explosives... Sources note that a next door neighbor called the police after hearing loud gun shot type noises... The neighbor initially thought it was fire crackers and then became concerned as to whether or not he heard gunshots...

When the police arrived they searched the premises and came across sticks of dynamite.. Flesh was arrested and his currently being held on 1/2 million dollars bail...The large bail amount has been the source of controversy.. Reports say it may be because Flesh is in violation of parole... others say the judge was trying to make an example of him.. since he is a celebrity...Flesh is claiming that there maybe some racsim involved. He went on record to note that he had been the target of racial taunts by neighbors ever since he moved into the mostly white Chatsworth section of Los Angeles..We'll keep you posted as we get more information on this particular incident..

Davey D