Black Rob

'Life Story' [Epic]


Rob is nice on the mic.. Material seems a bit datedSome good jams..Doesn't live up to all the hype

Black Rob has nice skillz..Make no mistake, he can flow..However this album seems a bit dated. It seems like material that is year old.. It would've been better to hear more joints like 'Whoa'.. There are some cool songs like 'I Love You Baby' and 'BR'. Not a bad lp for Rob inspite of the ancient material.. Black Rob is perched to really wreck shop on his next go round. If I was him, why everyone is vibing off of Whoa and the all star remix, I would rucsh back into the studio and start working on the next album. This isn't a total bust, but it by no means reflects the type of skill and energy Black Rob has now..

Davey D


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