This Is An Album Take A Long Drive While Listening
Jazzy Flavored Hip Hop Over A Live Band-It Works

Black Eyed Peas manage to bring the noise with a smoothed out very jazzy album... Forget what folks say about kids with live bands not being 'real hip hop'.. That's just a bunch of noise from 'real' playa haters. Black Eyed Peas suceed in bringing forth a damn good album..They do not go over the same ground as other hip hop bands like The Roots and Justice System. They have their own sound and leave one feeling that thereıs hope for hip hop to musically grow... This album has a Tribe Called Quest type of vibe..As lyricists the Black Eyed Peas arenıt as tight.. But these kids manage to hold their own..Standout cuts include; 'Clap Your Hands' which borrows from the Meters' classic jam of the same name. 'Karma', a hard hittin track, uses a riff from the song 'One Way Or Another' which was used in Snoop Dogg's song 'Murder Was The Case'. My favorite joint is a jazzy flavored track that uses the break beat 'Heaven And Hell' It's entitled 'Say Goodbye'.

On a side note.. a lotta folks will hear the BEP and start comparing them to The Roots. Some folks will ignorantly do so far as to say..they are biting The Roots. Itıs important to note that west coast acts have long been doing hip hop with a live bands.. Acts like Alphabet Soup, Digital Underground Jungle Biscuit, Kofy Brown, Hammer, Spearhead and Too Short are a few that immediately come to mind. If one listens closely to early west coast rap espcially the music coming out of The BEP's native LA youıll hear pioneering producers like Dr Dre and The Egyptian Lover and others playing synthesizer chords over funky drum tracks. Other producers like Ant Banks, Khayree and Al Eaton made it a point to always incorporate live instrumentals in their production. Black Eyed Peas is a part of a long tradition

With that being said.. I gotta honestly say that The Black Eyed Peas deliver a real nice album thatıs great to listen to.. There might be one or two cuts for the dance floor.. But for the most part.. this is the type of album to pop in your tape deck and go for a longt drive down some very scenic streets.. I give this album a B+

Reviewed By Davey D

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