Big Pun

'Yeeeh Baby' [Loud]


Nice solid album- Big Pun is on point with his flow..Cool beats..Head boppin' material...

Big Pun prior to his death was maturing and coming into his own as a rapper. This is bore out on his album. Here one will find some cool songs that are guaranteed to keep your head nodding.

There are a couple of cool radio joints including; the smoothed out 'It's So Hard' with Donnel Jones, and the humorous 'Laughing At You' which is one of my favorite cuts. This tale of rags to riches-from nerd to playa tale is off the hook.. Also on point is and the Latin flavored/salsa sounding track '100%'.

Yeeeah baby has some nice rugged underground joints for all the headz. On many of the cuts are various members of the Terror Squad. Tracks that stand out include..'New York Giants', 'You Was Wrong', and 'Wrong Ones...

Davey D


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