No Gimmicks For This Big Guy..
He Pulls His Own Weight On The Mic

This is a pretty cool album from Hip Hop's biggest emcee..Big Pun. He comes to the plate [no pun intended] with skillz in tact.. He can flow.. and he has some nice beats to help your head bob..He lives up to his rep.. 'he ain't a playa he just crushes a lot'..And trust me, Big Pun crushes emcees on the mic.. He doesn't rely upon the two gimmicks that are readily available to him to exploit.. He doesn't do a whole bunch of songs about him clocking 500 pounds.. And he doesn't do a whole bunch of Spanglish songs.. Don't get me wrong.. He let's you know about his Latino heritage. He's a Boriqua/[puerto Rican].and proud of it... But that's not this kids whole angle.. He's simply a dope emcee who can hold his own on the mic..

Big Pun has some pretty cool songs that help take this album over the top.. The obvious one is today's hip hop anthem.. 'I'm Not A Player'. This remix of his debut song was done with a singer named Joe.. Big Pun was getting ready to do a remix of the song when he got word that Joe was gonna do a 'Player type song.. So the two decided to collaborate and the rest is history.. Big Pun is a household name..

'Dream Shatterer', 'Glamour Life', 'Tres Leches' and 'Boomarang' and the Dre Dre, 'Deep Cover' inspired 'Twins' with fat Joe are a few of the songs that make this lp worth getting...

This album does not contain a bunch of filler songs.. Nor does it seem like Big Pun is gonna be next year's 'has been one hit wonder'.. He seems rooted into the fabric of hip hop.. and hence he should be around for a while.. Capital Punishment is an album that squarely puts Big Pun in the runnings for Hip Hop rookie of the year.. he already garnered the most votes here at Davey D's Hip Hop Corner for hip hop's alltime best Latin emcee.. Not bad for the new kid on the block.. I give this album a B+

Reviewed By Davey D

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