SHOW NAME: The Beni B Show HOSTS: Beni B & Matt Africa STATION/CITY: 90.7 FM Berkeley SHOW TIME: 6-9pm Saturdays PLAYLIST FOR WEEK OF: May 24, 1996 ARTIST/SONG/LABEL/NOTES 1. DJ Eclipse/Clap Ya Hands/AV8 2. Various Blends/Chill As I Flex/Blueprint 3. Mytee G. Poetic/Listen To The Lyrics/Straight G'n 4. Kavalier f. Master Killer/Parle'/Nikera 5. Cella Dwellas/Advance To Boardwalk/Loud 6. Arsonists/The Session/Fondle'em 7. The Dutchmin/Get Your Swerve On/Street Life 8. Godfather Don/Properties of Steel/Hydra 9. Concrete Click/Right Back At You/Lifeline 10. Common/The B*tch In You/Relativity 11. Wu-Tang/America East/West 12. Akinyele/Put It InYour Mouth/Geffen(?) 13. AZ/Your World Don't Stop/unreleased 14. NAS/If I Ruled The World/Columbia 15. BBO Enterprises/Pose A Threat/BBO

16. Nasty Immigrants feat.. Raekwon/12'O Clock/Def Jam 17. Smoothe/Tha Hustler/My Brother Ace/Profile 18. Heather B./Real N*g**/EMI/album cut 19. Real Live/Real Live(rmx)/Big Beat 20. Real Live/The Turnaround/Big Beat/unreleased 21. De La Soul/Stakes Is High/Tommy Boy 22. Bon VI/Sun Up From Sundown/Gangrene 22. Most Desh/Microphone Enhancer/Chop Shop/artist interview 23. Concubeinz/Hyena In The Desert/Slam 24. NAS/Sweet Dreams/unreleased 25. Cappodonna & U-God/If It's Alright With You/Hudlin/Epic 26. Defari/Big Up/Immortal 27. Mr. Voodou/Shine/Fortress 28. 2 Face/NYC/Blindside 29. Juggaknots/I'm Gonna Kill You/Fondle'em 30. 25 to Life/L.A. L.A(rmx)/25 To Life/Dolo

31. Trigger Tha Gambler My Crew Can't Go For That/Def Jam 32. Camoflauge Large/Cocbacda/Close Range/Messenger 33. Mr. Voodou/Hemlock/Fortress 34. Big Kwam/Mic To Mic/Blindside 35. Richie Rich Tastes Like Sh../Def Jam 36. EightBall & MJG/Listen To Me Now/East/West 37. RubbaBandz/Purple Rain/Messenger