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Bay Area Flava
Goes On Tour
Veteran concert promoters Jerry Turner and Andrew Ashford recently announced plans to bring Bay Area hip hop to the rest of the country.. The duo plan to launch a summer tour called Hip Hop On The Green. The planned tour is borne out of a Bay Area tradition which began 4 years ago... The first Hip Hop On The Green was an outdoor concert held at Oakland's Estuary Park.. It was designed to showcase the Bay Area's numerous hip hop acts who felt they had very few options in terms of where they could perform..

The concern voiced by many nite club establishments at the time was that local acts caused too many problems.. especially the ones who put forth 'gangsta' type music.. Many venue owners were turned off by the tactics employed by many locals who would over pack the guest list.. or be the source of fights and other drama due to their followers or rowdy folks within their entourage..

A typical scenario usually played itself out with a local playa who was starting to blow up the spot due his latest tape. All of a sudden he thinks he's all dat.. He and his crew rolls around town with an arrogant attitude making unreasonable demands..These kids want a huge bar tab.. They want everyone in their neighborhood to get in the nite club for free.. even if they're inappropriately dressed or underage.. The crew would cause all sorts of drama over little things.. ranging from having to show a backstage pass to the sound being messed up to not having enough room in the limo.. If that wasn't enough..many of these locals would do lousy performances which would include a hundred people 'who-ridin' on stage and just basically causing total confusion..

Some of the locals began to get territorial especially the artists who resided in San Francisco..where one would find all the hype nite clubs.. Already stigmatized because of the city's huge gay population many SF artists felt they had to disprove any sort of notions of weakness or lack of masculinity.. This was coupled with the fact that performance venues were scarce.. Hence if an artists from outside the city got a gig in the city you could expect the party to be broken up by jealous playa haters.. who took the attitude.. 'If I ain't performing there ain't no party and we're gonna tear shit up'.. This happened over and over again. Things had gotten out of hand.. and for the most there existed an unwritten rule in which nite club owners were discouraged by local police to book local acts..

It was with this sort of backdrop that made Jerry Turner's successful promotion of Hip Hop On The Green so remarkable.. He disproved a lot of critics including myself.. He managed to pull local acts from all over the Bay Area and have them perform at a free outdoor concert... There were hundreds of people on hand without no incidents.. Hip Hop On The Green help flip the script and change some of the attitudes and negative perceptions many people had.. Four years and four annual shows later Turner with his partner Ashford are back and ready to take things to the next level..

The Hip Hop On The Green Tour will feature a line up that includes B-Legit, The Luniz, The Delinquents, Dru-Down and 3 X Krazy..For folks here in the Bay this is definitely a stellar line up.. The tour plans to roll through cities like Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Reno, San Jose and Salt Lake City.. We'll keep you posted as more details developed.. And for those of you who have questions about the locals and their behavior... Keep in mind many artists matured and saw how their impulse, destructive behavior had far reaching consequences.. There were lots of back door, behind the scene meetings both with industry veterans.. i.e. Hip Hop radio jocks and The Nation Of Islam.. Also many of the OGs began to school many of these groups and over time things changed for the better.. In short there was a lot of dialogue...

written by
Davey D