Bahamadia 'Kollage' [lp] [EMI]

The female protege of Gang Starr's Guru at long last has released her debut album entitled 'Kollage'. Folks begain fiending for her lp when she dropped her first two singles the hard hittin' 'Total Wreck' and the jazzy flavored 'Uknowhowwedo'. The tracks were both strictly butta hip hop and left you feeling thankful that folks were no longer making records for commercial radio....However, her follow up single.. 'Confess' has unfortunately fallen into that R&B sounding track seemingly made for the radio.


Kollage has a few nice cuts including my personal favorite 'Spontaniety'. This particular song takes a jazzy vibe approach with some nice instrumentation including an xylophone...The heavy drum beats give it that hip hop feel and of course Bahamadia's lyrical flow is totally on point. The other cool cuts include her previous releases like Total Wreck, Uknowhowwedo and the lyrically potent Rugged Ruff.


Bahamadia comes across as a laid back type of rapper...the music on this lp reflects that..however, she rarely changes up..which could be a problem if your looking for an lp to bump in your ride. Sorry Charlie, it ain't that type of party. Bahamadia is faced with having to suceed soley as a lyricist and I'm not quite sure if her lp consistently showcases her in that light...


Davey D

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