A Solid LP
Will Keep Your Head Bobbin'
A West Coast Group With East Coast Flava

The Alkaholiks which consist of J-Ro, E-Swift and Tash are one of those West Coast acts that let you know their are groups out here who have some lyrical flava... Yes they got skillz..and it's complimeted with their beats which have more of a traditional East Coast feel to it.. Most of the tracks were produced by E-Swift. and unlike far too many acts.. these guys didn't rely upon remaking old songs.. Yes, they did sample from a few, 'Off The Wall' borrows from Kurtis Blows 'The Breaks', Funny Style featuring King Tee boorows from James Brown's 'Don't Tell It' and 'Aww Sh*t' snatches from Fat Back Band's 'Love Spell'.. However, these sampled pieces were done creatively..Don't expect to hear the Alkaholiks rappin' over a non-tricked out loop.. You can only give them credit for taking their chances by putting out an album that contains a lot of their own musical flava.. Ya gotta wonder whether or not folks are conditioned to hear non-familiar music..

The album is pretty cool.. The concept of them being drunk on hip hop/40 ounces gets played after a while.. I wish they could hit some more type of substantial topics.. But that's just my personal preference.. They do however, present a solid album with some pretty cool songs including, 'Pass Out', 'Contents Unda Pressure', 'Hip Hop Drunkies' featuring Ole Dirty Bastard of The Wu-Tang Clan and their current single 'Likwidation'... They have guest appearances from several starts including The Whoridas, Keith Murray, Xzibit, and King Tee.. Nas and LL Cool J also appear but they don't rap.. They only participate in the album's six skits...Again, this is an lp that'll find it's appeal in the tradition/ East Coast leaning hip hop lover.. These guys are definitely delivering on their end..

Reviewed By Davey D

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