Project Blowed

This Is An Album To Sit Back And Reflect Upon
An Album For True Headz

If there's a way to put an album together, Aceyalone suceeds in doing that.. He comes to the table with great rhyme skillz..original beats, creativity, a theme and a vision.. More importantly upon listening to 'A Book of Human Language' you walk away feeling like you had just completed a journey into the musical mindset of one of Cali's most talented emcees..In fact Aceyalone even states that he's laying out some hip hop guidelines and he'll do it in 15 chapetrs..The chapters represent each song...Simply put Aceyalone represents what hip hop has ideally been about...finding your space and building upon it...

I'm not sure if this is the type of album where you'll hear songs bumpin' in clubs... It's really the type of lp that one has to sit back and really pay attention to what Aceyalone is saying.. His words are not wasted.. To quote Chuck D.. he doesn't rhyme for the sake of riddlin'..Aceyalone demonstrates mad skillz and a gift for writing.. His producer Mumbles compliments him with some nice rhythm tracks that are jazz flavored...

Standout tracks include songs like 'The March', 'The Faces', 'The Hunt' and my favorite 'The Thief In The Night'..This is the type of LP for those who are deep into the content of lyrics... It also is a big deviation for what many have to come to associate with west coast Hip Hop.. It's not gangsta rap or anything like that..The other thing that stands out about this album is that Aceyalone doesn't showcase a fleet of artists.. It's just him and him alone.. There's not a whole lot of emcees who can carry a whole album by themselves...and still keep you interested.. Ace provides us with good vibes to soak up and reflect upon.. I gotta give this lp a B+

Reviewed By Davey D

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