I Was Born With Two Tongues

'Broken Speak' [Fist of Sound]


Dope Ass Album..Passionate..stunning...mesmerizing!
This album will leave your dome cracked wide open!

If your looking for some next level stuff.. This is it.. I Was Born With Two Tongues is a Chicago based quartet that hits and hits hard with a mixture of spoken word and Hip Hop. Even if you're not a fan of spoken word there is no denying the passion you will feel once listening to their album 'Broken Speaks'. The group skillfully covers an array of topics ranging from the model minority stereotype, to police brutality to being percieved as a foreigner within this country called America. They also hit hard on issues that are directly impacting the Pan Asian American community. The most heartfelt songs that'll crack your dome wide open include 'Excuse Me America', 'I'm Not Your Fetish', 'Hyphenation' and 'Mumia'. The Mumia track is one of the strongest songs to date about the imprisoned former Black Panther who now sits on Pennsyvania's death row.

I can't really say enough about Broken Speaks. Its not a Hip Hop album per say where your head will be left bobbin' to the beat., although there are tracks that will clearly do that. If anything the album is more folksy.. as the group uses accoustics on a few tracks. Even then don't be fooled, cause these folks have some serious Hip Hop roots and can bring the heat if need be.In particular is one of the poets named Dennis who has one of the wickedest flows I've heard in a long time. The thing that stands out which is why I'm strongly recommending this album is the group's lyrics and their ability to drop verses so that you really feel them.. So as I said earlier I Was Born With two Tongues is on some next level stuff-don't sleep on them or you may find yourself in for a rude awakening.

Davey D

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