by 2Pac

Time goes by
puffin on lye
hoping that it gets me high

Last year was hard one
but life goes on
hold my head against the wall.
Learning right from wrong

They say my ghetto instrumental.
Detrimental to kids.
As if they can't see the misery in which they live.

Blame me for the outcome. ban my records
you don't have to bump this but please respect it.

I took a minus and now the hard times are behind us.
Turned into a plus, now they stuck living blinded.

Hennessy has got me feeling bad.
Time to stop drinking
Rollin in my drop top Jag.
What's that cop thinking?

Sitting in my car watch the stars and smoke
I came a long way but still I got so far to go.

Dear mama, don't worry. I'm a watch for snakes.
He [they?] upset you that other lover but it's hard to date.

I got the letter that you [she?] sent me and I cried for weeks.
This is what came out when I tried to speak.
All I heard was:

Time goes by
Puffing on lye
hopiung that it gets me high
got a nigga going crazy

I see bloods and crips running up the hill.
Looking for the better way.
My brothers and sisters it's time to bail [?]
because even thug niggas pray.

Hoping God hears me.
I entered the game.
Look how much I've changed
I'm no longer innocent, casualties of fame.

Made a lot of money, seen a lot of places.
And I swear I seen a peaceful smile on my mama's face.

When I gave her the keys to her own house
This is your land
Your only son done became a man

Watching time fly
I love my people do or die
But I wonder why we're scared to let each other fly

June 1-6-7 the day
Mama pushed me out her womb and told me 'nigga get paid'.

No one can understand me.
The Black sheep outcasted from my family
Now packin' heat.

I run the streets a young runaway
Live for the day
when he died I could hear him say

Time goes by
Puffin on lye
Hoping that it gets me high..

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